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Bald Head Island Family Photo Session


By Chris Lang Photography

bald head island family photography - bhi photographers - old baldy lighthouse -  beach photo  Photo of family under the light house - family photo session - chris lang photography
bald head island family photography - bhi photographers - old baldy lighthouse -  beach photo  - family photo session - chris lang photography

bald head island family photography - bhi photographers - old baldy lighthouse -  beach family photo - family photo session - chris lang photography

photo collage of family on the beach at bald head island - family photography - bhi photographers - old baldy lighthouse -  beach photo  - family photo session - chris lang photography

Family photos in front of the ocean marsh and old baldy lighthouse - bald head island family photography - bhi photographers - old baldy lighthouse -  beach photo  - family photo session - chris lang photography

photo of family sitting on a beach walkway - lifestyle family photo -

Looking for a Bald Head Island Photographer on your next family Vacation?

Bald Head Island is one of my favorite places for family photo sessions.   There are so many great places  to photograph a family.  Even in bad weather or very challenging lighting conditions,  there are always great places on Bald Head Island to create and document your family in photos.  


Boys & Bow Ties | Portrait Photography | Wilmington NC Photographer


Boys and Bowties by Chris Lang Photography - Wilmington NC

Had the opportunity to photograph the three boys before a formal dance.   The boys dressed to the nines in a classic southern style sporting tie and bow ties.  This session I was armed with a Sony A7r2 and the legendary Canon  200 f2.0.  I am loving the lens body combo although  the small mirrorless body hanging onto that Canon 200 f.2 looks a bit misplaced.  Overall the combo performed well and captured the individual  personality of these 3 brothers well.  

Image of three boys dress in suits and bowties - southern style - Wilmington NC Portrait Photographer

image of young man in grey suit and tie - chris lang photography  - wilmington nc portrait photographer

Image of young boy in a navy sports coat with pink and blue bow tie - southern style  - gq kid - wilmington nc photographers

picture of young boy in blue suit wearing a bowtie - kids fashion - kid models - kids GQ - Wilmington NC portrait photography

Young boy with long blond hair wearing a navy blue blazer and blue checkered  bow tie - Wilmington nc photographers

picture of three boys in suits and ties posing under southern oak trees.  Southern Style Portrait Photography - Wilmington NC photographers

image of young man modeling a grey suit and tie under a southern oak tree - Fashion ideas  for boys - Wilmington NC Photographers

Needless to say these boys looked dapper in their stylish digs.  If you are looking for a wilmington nc photographer to capture the the special times in your kids lives then drop us a line.  


Bald Head Island Drone Virtual Tour | Bald Head Island Photographers | BHI Photography Services


Bald Head Island Drone Virtual Tour | Bald Head Island Photographers

Bald Head Island is absolutely one of my favorite places.  As a professional Wilmington NC Photographer, Bald Head Island is an absolute joy to work on.   Whether  you are planning a Bald Head Island Wedding or taking a family vacation, Bald Head Island is a unique and special experience.  Anyone who has visited Bald Head Island once will be sure to tele you they are going back.   Professionally  it is one of my favorite places and personally it is our family favorite place to visit in North Carolina.

The video does not do Bald Head Island complete justice as the experience on the ground is its own adventure.  One aspect that makes Bald Head Island unique is there are no cars.  The only form of transportations is golf carts, bikes, or walking.   It is a incredible get away from the hustle of busy life where everything seems to slow down while on Bald Head Island.

I have been so fortunate to work with wedding couples on their wedding day along with vacationing families wanting to capture their time on the island.  Truth be told one of the few time I actually capture my family in pictures is while I am on Bald Head Island.

If you are looking for a really different kind of get away take a look at Bald Head Island.   Be warned that once there it will be hard not to come back.   It is a special place to create special memories. I feel so lucky to have brought my own family there to make memories.

If you are looking for a Bald Head Island Photographer  or Bald Head Island Wedding Photographer   check out Chris Lang Photography.  I specialize in capturing life in a creative way.


Modern Vintage Player | Commercial Photography | Chris Lang Photography | NC Commercial Photographers


Product Photography for Modern Vintage Player - MVP

 Vintage Leather Sports Balls - Sports Memorabilia - sports equipment for interior design - leather sports balls - Chris Lang Photography

Had the opportunity to provide some product photography images for Modern Vintage Player.  MVP is a company based out of New Zealand offering classic sporting memorabilia.  You have to go by their website  and check out their offerings.  These items are not only fun and play worthy but make for classic heirlooms and perfect for interior design and man caves.     In this series I photographed the leather football, leather rugby ball and a leather soccer ball.  
Their website - Modern Vintage  Player

vintage leather football - genuine leather - Classic American leather football - Modern Vintage Player - Chris Lang Photography

Sports memorabilia  for interior design - vintage leather football - Cowhide football - Chris Lang Photography  -  NC Commercial Photography

Vintage genuine leather rugby ball - sports memoribilla  - Vintage sports balls for interior design - Chris Lang Photography

Vintage cowhide leather soccer ball - Modern Vintage Player - Sports Memorabilla -  Sporting goods for interior design - man caves - Chris Lang Photography

If you need any branding & commercial photography drop us a line.  Chris Lang Photography is part of the North Carolina Commercial Photographers network.    In addition to image needs, Chris takes a hands on approach in branding & identity by conducting a creative needs assessment to ensure your business image needs are world class.  Come on by our website and see our creative and commercial photography


Bridal Photography | Wilmington NC Wedding Photographers


Bridal Portraits | Ideas & Inspiration | Wilmington NC Wedding Photographer | Chris Lang Photography

One of the great things about bridal photography as a creative profession is I get create a multiple style portfolio for brides.   With no wedding schedule rushing us, we get to take the time to have fun and relax and create some awesome bridal portraits.   

Bridal Picture in the Garden of the Arboretum in Wilmington NC - Alice in Wonderland bridal concept and ideas

The first picture I had an idea of a of Alice in wonderland look when was setting it up.  For this bridal picture I set up lighting the sunflowers with a strobe directly behind the bride  pointing upwards.  Another strobe on light stand at top left with grid to control the spread and maintain the detail in her awesome wedding dress. 

pictures of bride in the garden at the arboretum in wilmington NC - Garden Bridal Pictures - Bridal Picture Ideas  -  NC Bridal Photographers

Wilmington NC Wedding Photographer - Bridal Pictures a the Arboretum - Wedding Dress - Bridal Portraits - Garden Wedding Pictures

Picture of Bride in wedding dress a the Arboretum in Wilmington NC - Bridal Portraits - Bridal Picture Ideas

Bridal Pictures - Arboretum - Wilmington NC - Bridal Ideas - Chris Lang Photography

All we started with on this bridal session was Lana and her dress.  No bouquet no theme or concept.  That what I love about my job it you get to make it up as you go.  If you are looking for a Wilmington NC Bridal Photographer to create something with a signature  look and style,  drop me a line and let me show you how awesome  you look in your wedding dress. 


Bill Murray at the Travelers Championship 2012

Bill Murray at the Travelers Championship

Getting ready for the 2014 Travelers Championship  here in a few days.  One of my favorite times of the year.  I have been meaning to share this one since 2012 about  Bill Murray at the Celebrity Pro Am.  I start with, this is written from my perspective and mostly personal account.  It is from a perspective of a tournament photographer and not a journalist.    It is also to share some personal experiences of a photographer behind the scenes and intended for those who enjoy the working field of photography.

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Bald Head Island Photographers | Wedding & Lifestyle Photography | Chris Lang Photography

Bald Head Island Photographers 
by Chris Lang Photography

We just launched our new
Bald Head Island Photography site.  Bald Head Island is one of my favorite places not only to work, but also to visit with family & friends.  BHI is such an enjoyable experience and from a photographers perspective and amazing backdrop for any type of photography.  

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Bald Head Island Photographers | Bald Head Photography Services

Just updated our Bald Head Island Photography page with some new Family Portrait Sessions and Photography Packages.  Time to start planning your summer family portrait sessions on Bald Head Island.

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