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Chris is an exemplary professional. His pictures demonstrate his ability to enhance his subjects while allowing their personalities to come through. He will take as many pictures as necessary in order to capture just "the right one" and throughout the process he focuses on his subject's comfort in front of the camera. I would highly recommend him for that "just perfect" picture!
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Wilmington NC Portrait Photographers - Chris Lang Photography

Portrait Photography

So what is the difference between headshots and portraits? While there is not a standard answer there are some guidelines. Portraits are more open ended and can tell more of your story whereas headshots are generally used for professional use and have stricter processing guidelines and less post production.

The flexibility of a portrait is it can be used for what ever reason in addition have more freedom for a creative presentation.

Creative style portrait - Wilmington NC portrait photographers

Portrait Photographers

Portrait photography is a creative and artistic craft. It is so much more than taking a snap on camera. Every photographer has their ownn unique style, or at least they should. It is how they use their style and interact with their subjects that make them unique to creating looks and styles in the art of making portraits. For me, the craft is more about getting a genuine expression, or look from a person the they even are impressed with. It is looking for angles, shapes and composition and then making people feel relaxed, comfortable and confident in front of my camera.

A big part of the process is connecting with people and this is why I keep things fun, relaxed and free flowing in the photography in making awesome portraits.

Portrait Photographers - Wilmington NC - Chris Lang Photography - Creative Portraits
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Portriat-Photography-Wilmington-NC- Beach Portraits
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Portriat-Photography-Wilmington-NC- Chris Lang Photography- Portrait Photography
Portrait Photography-Portriat-Photography-Wilmington-NC-
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Wilmington NC Portrait Photography - creative headhsot picture - Chris Lang Photography

Cinema Style Portraits

Creative-Cinema-Style-Portraits - Chris Lang Photography -
Creative-Cinema-Style-Portraits - Chris Lang Photography - Wilmington NC  Portrait Photographers
Creative-Cinema-Style-Portraits - Chris Lang Photography - Wilmington  Portrait Photographer
Creative-Cinema-Style-Portraits - Chris Lang Photography - Wilmington NC Portrait Photographers
Bubba Watson - Creative-Cinema-Style-Portraits - Chris Lang Photography -
Creative-Cinema-Style-Portraits - Chris Lang Photography - Wilmington NC Portrait Photographers

Cinematic Portraits - Creative Portraits

The beauty of portrait photography is there are no boundaries or rules to the creative process. Bringing a different style or edge to making portraits, allows for a open creative process to tell a story . This is the artistry of portrait photography. The above is what I call a cinematic style portrait. It is using light and color to make portraits with a bit of attitude.

Composite Portrait Photography - Creative Portraits - Cinema Style - Chris Lang Photograpghy - Wilmington NC Portrait Photographers

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