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“ We were blown away when we saw our pictures. You are a master of your craft and unbelievably talented.”
Nicole H. San Diego Ca
The thought and detail in every picture was just stunning. These pictures made a lot of my family literally cry from joy when seeing them.

“Clients Say it Better”

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    Chris, I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you. Thank you for the wonderful job you did on the photographs of my daughter Sarah's wedding. As I was looking at the pictures I started thinking to myself. Everyone of these "picures" is not a picture, rather they are individual works of art. I am so happy with the pictures, words cannot explain. Thank you very much. If anyone wants a reference to attest to your work, I will be more than happy to oblige. Again, thanks for a wonderful job. You captured a special day in a special way.
    Dennis E
    With the age of digital photography, there has been a diluting of the photography talent pool, often with amateurs posing to be artists and with the consumer left with too many choices. Since my father was a professional photographer before the dawn of the digital age, I saw this transformation. When our special date was set, it was actually my wife that took this task under her wing. When she first showed me Chris's web site and asked me what I thought of it, his artistic eye immediately caught my attention. It was obvious he took a lot of time and thought to come up with photographic sets that would make your moment stand out. We didn't want to have 'that' wedding album that would consist of the same stale regurgitated shots that just about every other couple out there ends up with. While it seems risky, we were confident after meeting with Chris that he would give us the type of style we wanted in our wedding photos. The end result was beautiful work that went beyond the lens, as Chris crafted the most special shots with what I consider photographic works of art. Many of the photos he took can't be relegated to small frames. They deserve to be in a magazine or better. The total package was a huge success, from his very fair pricing, his professional work ethic, and with consistent and thoughtful follow-up throughout the entire process. When you end up deciding on a photographer, while there are many out there that will capture a beautiful wedding, Chris Lang will certainly be one of your very best options and we are very glad we got to know him. Your wedding photographs will stay with you for a lifetime, long after your memories fade, so don't risk it on such a special day. . I feel so fortunate to have found Chris. I called numerous photographers while in the planning stages, and immediately felt connected to Chris. While it seemed that many photographers treated this solely as a business deal, I could tell that Chris was both passionate and meticulous about his work. When my sister got married, we all felt like we were at the mercy of the photographer, and our memories are mainly of posing for the camera, not of enjoying the day (p.s. the photographer was a family friend). Chris, on the other hand, fit in perfectly with all the chaos, and actually made us enjoy the event more. He took a family that doesn't enjoy being photographed and put us at ease (He was so calming that he almost felt like one of the members of our family). We truly feel that he is a rockstar! Not only was he the most amazing guy to work with, but when we got our pictures back we were totally floored. We now have HUNDREDS of photos of one of the happiest days of our lives, and we can't wait to work with him again. I have to mention that these photos are the most beautiful pictures ever taken-so stunning it's hard to imagine they're even real.
    Ryan & Jennifer. Raleigh, NC.


… it’s at the core of my Image-Making

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Creative Approach

creative portrait photography - carolina coffe shop - Professional Photographers Wilmington NC - chris lang photography -

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The Power of Image

You know the saying, "a picture is worth a thousand words"? Have you ever stopped and looked at one picture for a long period of time? Where you were looking for the story in the image or even seeing yourself in it? There is something special when we can be captivated by the life, the person(s), and place inside the a picture. Feeling the emotion, the memory, or even just day dreaming over a picture. Now imagine yourself in that picture… It takes more than a snap of the camera to create a story in a picture. It takes an image-maker.

Creative Approach…it is not all the same.

Making great pictures starts with a creative approach. It is how you see things, observe light, and most important , interact with people. There has to be a connection with your photographer. My approach is to create for each individual client something that is individual to them or to their brand.

For the corporate or business client, it is about establishing a relationship. It is here where I can connect with them, their goals, and needs.

"YOU" empower the picture!

Powerful image comes from much more than the camera and creative post processing. It comes from you. Yes, YOU! Everyone has a powerful and beautiful image. It's my job to make your image; to get to the true essence of who you are. It is about getting you to a place where your personality consumes and commands the picture. It can be serious or even humorous, and even, some place in-between. It is my creativity and artistry that puts it all together. But it is "YOU" that empowers the picture.

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Outside the Box

Creative Capture

lifestyle picture - creative portrait - wilmingotn nc photographers - Chris Lang Photography

Image-capture… the finger print of a photographers style.

The image capture builds on my creative approach to making pictures. Image capture is also my own individual to my style. Everything from the camera gear that I use, to the way I create and shape light.

Every professional photographer has their own method and style of image capture. This allows me to create in-camera. and is part of my photography style. Depending on the type of photography job, the image capture process can be just the starting point for the design. It really depends on the project or the session. Often the image capture is the standalone product, however, there are many aspects of creativity that go into the image making process.

When making composite photos or working with art directors on a branding process, the creative image capture is often just the first step in creating for the post production process. An example of this is this picture of the pirates. Looking for
North Carolina Creative Photographers? Check to my creative photography page for more details and examples.

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Inside the Camera

Creative Design

Creative Porrait - pirates - composite photo - Fine Art Photographer Wilmington NC - Chris Lang Photography -

Photography & Design

The creative design can be basic post production of an image or even a higher detailed process to create artful images such as composite photographs. This pirate pictures is an example of a composite photograph. It is a series of images blended together to create a story.

There is no cookie cutter process in my work. The creativity ebbs and flows and so does my design process.

Every image tells a story... every story, needs an image-maker.
Chris Lang
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Design for Purpose

Every image tells a story... every story, needs an image-maker.
Chris Lang

Whether your family, your wedding, or your business brand… your image matters. Being an image-maker is much more than taking pictures, it is about “making your picture and shaping your image.” It is about crafting a picture with purpose, about making a picture that tells your story. If a picture is worth a thousand words then make every picture count, because your pictures says a lot about you.

Creative Portraits

composite sports picture - baseball - creative portraits - creative photograhy - sports portraits - wilmington nc creative photographers - chris lang photography

Creative Photography Services | Photographers | Wilmington NC

creative portraits - photo design - composite photo - wilmington nc photographers - chris lang photography

Creative photography is not just one thing. Whether being creative in-camera, using creative light, or the creative process in post production, there can be many facets to creating really awesome portraits or working on a branding campaign. It can be as simple as making a photography style, or taking it to another level of composite photography.

Composite photography is blending multiple images and or backgrounds to make a single image.

Chris Lang Signatures and signature portraits are in essence a composite photo. Signatures can be for portraits or just fro making some really awesome wall art or conversation piece.

This picture is an example of a Chris Lang Signature Portrait. If you want something really different, something that is unique, something to be remembered, Then give me a call or drop an email and let's create something epic.

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Signature Portraits By Chris Lang

Portrait Photographers - Wilmington NC - Portrait Photography Services - Chris Lang Photography - Branding Photography - creative photography
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Executive Portraits

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Exective Portraits | Business Headshots

Are you or your company needing empowering corporate portraits or business headshots? Chris Lang Photography offers on location executive portrait and headshot services throughout North Carolina.

Looking for
corporate portrait photographers near me… give Chris Lang Photography a call or hit the contact button below.

Wilmington NC headshot photographers and photography services

Head-shot photographers - Wilmington NC
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Head Shots

Wilmington-NC-Head-Shot-Photographers - model - photo - photography - chris lang photography

Head Shots Photographer

Wilmington NC Head Shot Photographers
Head-shot photographers - Wilmington NC

Chris Lang is a North Carolina Portrait Photographer based out of Wilmington NC. In today’s world, everyone needs a great head shot. With online profile pictures and business websites, headshot are not just for actors anymore. Whether it is for you, your social media profile picture, an online resume, or even a email signature, your pictures is now often your first impression.

You know what they say about first impressions? You only get one chance to make one. Head shots are just another kind of portrait. Even though head shots change in trends over time, it is generally a chest up picture. Looking for a great headshot? Click on the contact button and let Chris create something great for you.

Wilmington NC Headshot Photographer & Photography Services

Head shots are typically taken on a solid background. White ( or high key ) backgrounds have become more popular in recent years even becoming the latest trend. However, head shots do not have to be on a solid backdrop or even in a studio.

Actually there are many types and styles of head shots. For example there are industrial head shots that incorporate a natural or industrial setting. When it comes down to it, unless you are trying to stay within company pr branding guidelines there really are not any rules to a head shot. So for what ever you need are, Chris brings a fun and professional process to getting your personality to shine for that first impression. To see some more of
Wilmington NC Head Shot Photographer pictures head on over to the head hots web page.

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Branding Photography

branding portrait - branding photography - branding photographers wilmingotn nc - chris lang photography

Branding Photography | Photographers | Wilmington NC

Wilmington NC Lifestyle Photographers - Lifestyle Photography

Branding is styling your business in a way that creates a mood, feeling, consistency, with the intention of conveying a particular message! Photography branding is part of this process. You have to be visible and when people think of you, your business, or your product, you want them to be able to identify and talk about you, your business, or your product in a positive way that can help shape and influence attitudes positively that is unique to you, your service or your product.

Branding Photography is essentially messaging your brand / product through image. It is about building, establishing, and conveying your identity. Even if your brand is you. Chris is a North Carolina branding photographer who has helped individuals and business from concept to creation and delivery of image branding

Lifestyle Portrait Photographer - Wilmington NC

If you are looking to brand or even re-brand yourself, your business, or your product, hit the contact button below and let us help collaborate with you in creating some awesome branding image.

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Lifestyle Photography

lifestyle image of female golfer modeling golf apparel - wilmingotn nc lifestyle photographer - lifestyle photography - chris lang photography

Lifestyle Photography

Chris is a North Carolina Lifestyle Photographer specializing in Lifestyle Photography. Lifestyle Photography is the art of you in the everyday. We create lifestyle photos for both personal and professional portfolio. Lifestyle photography incorporates a creative, natural and often candid process in making pictures.

Chris brings a free flowing process to capture the personality of you in a fun and creative process.

Wilmington NC Lifestyle Photographers - Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle Photographer

So if you are looking to to brand yourself, remember a season in your life, or market an idea, let us know your idea or let Chris help you create your vision. Chris is a creative lifestyle photographer in Wilmington NC.

If you are searching for
Lifestyle Photographers near me… hit the inquire button and see how Chris Lang Photography can create something special for you.

Lifestyle Portrait Photographer - Wilmington NC
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portrai image - wilmington nc portrait photography - portrait phographers - chris lang photography

Portrait Photographer

The art and craft of capturing your story and character through portraits has always been a real and true representation of people photography.

Portrait sessions can be a bit more creative than a traditional headshot and is aimed to tell a bit more of a story whereas a headshot can be described as a sentence. Portraits generally are photographing for a series of pictures even if you are just looking for a single image.

Chris is a
North Carolina Portrait Photographer who understands the importance and power of your image. It is his job to bring out your personality and make your image stand out and tell your story.

Wilmington NC Portrait Photographers

Portrait Photography

Portraiture, or portrait photography is typically of a individual or a group of people. The main attribute is capturing the expression, personality and or mood of the subject(s). There are several types and styles of portraiture although the focus is typically on ones face although this can include the entire body and background can have influence. Portraits can typically be more creative own presentation as there are not any general guidelines as say a headshot portrait would.

Let Chris bring his experience and craft to create a portrait that you are proud of and confidant in showing who you are. Chris is a
Wilmington NC Portrait Photographer .

If you are looking for portrait photographers near meGive us a call.

North Carolina Portrait Photographers
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Senior Portraits

senior pictures - wilmington nc senior portrait photographers - senior portrait photography - photo ideas - chris lang photography

Senior Portrait Photographer

Wilmington NC Senior Portraits - Senior Portrait Photography
Senior Portrait Photographers - Wilmington NC

That defining time in life calls for a creative photographer. North Carolina Senior Portrait Photographer Chris Lang creates individualized portfolios for high school seniors. One thing we enjoy is creating an awesome senior portrait portfolio that you can’t wait to show off. For Chris, senior portrait sessions are all about going out and having some fun. It’s about being creative, being different, and letting your personality come through in awesome photos.

Whether you want to incorporate your uniform, hobby, or any props, or if you just want up show up and have some fun, you can feel confidant that your pictures will impress. So if you are looking for
Wilmington NC Senior Portrait Photographers drop us a line.

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Family Portraits

family portrait photography - wilmington nc family portrait photpgraphers - image of family on beach - sunset family picture -  chris lang photography

Family Photographer

Nothing stands the test time more than a family portrait. Having your family pictures made will for sure be one of your most valuable treasures and only gain intrinsic value as time moves on. Truly one of the few things that can be passed on from generation to generation. .

Wilmington NC Family Portrait Photographers

North Carolina Family Portrait Photographer Chris Lang is based in Wilmington NC. Chris gets the privilege to make family pictures and meet some really amazing people. He knows the trust people put in him to document their family or that special time when all the family generations get together. So if you are looking for a Wilmington NC Family Photographer with a creative style, give Chris a call.

Family Portrait Photography Wilmington NC
Family Photographers in Wilmington NC
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Child Portraits

Wilmington NC Kid Portrait Photographer - child porait photography - kids picture - photo ideas - chris lang photography

Child Portrait Photographer

Child Portrait Photographers - Wilmington North Carolina
Wilmington NC Child Portrait Photographers

North Carolina Child Portrait Photographer Chris Lang not only understands those seasons in life go so fast, but also experiences those moments in his own family. You kids change right before your eyes. .Before you know it that season in their life is but a memory.

Nothing more powerful than to look back upon you keepsakes memory of you children. It is their story, your story, your legacy. The art of capturing kids is letting them be a little bit in control, letting them be themselves, and then being ready to catch the unexpected. So if you are looking for
Wilmington NC Child Portrait Photographers, give us a call.

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Wilmington NC Engagement Photographers - Engagement photos Wilmingon NC - Wedding Photography - Ideas - Inspiration - Chris Lang Photography
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Engagment Photography

Engagement-Photographer-Wilmington-NC-Picture of engaged couple - engagment photographers - engagement ideas - engagement portrait - Chris Lang Photography

Engagement Photography

Wilmimgtom NC Engagement Photographer - Specializing in Engagement photogohraphy

Are you looking for the best engagement photographers in the Wilmington area? Chris offers his signature style of lifestyle engagement photography for that special time between “Yes” & “I do.” If you are looking for a fun and creative approach to capture your engagement photography check out our portfolio and see how Chris brings his signature style to engagement photos.

Engagement photographers in Wilmington North Carolina
North-Carolina-Engagement Photographers

Looking for the Best Engagement Photographers in Wilmington NC?

If you are looking for a unique and individual style, Chris is a North Carolina Engagement Photographer who brings a fun and relaxed approach to making engagement pictures.

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Bridal Portraits

Wilmington-NC-Bridal-Portrait-Photography - bridal portrait photographers - bride- wedding drerss -bridal ideas - Chris Lang Photography

Bridal Portraits

Wilmington NC Bridal Photography by Chris Lang Photography

Looking for the best Bridal Photographers in Wilmington NC?

Are you looking for the best bridal portrait photographers in the Wilmington area to capture you in your dream dress? Hands down Bridal Portraits are one of my favorite photography sessions. A bride in her wedding dress and no wedding schedule attached equals a great time to creatively use light and shoot you in your dress in ways we normally can not shoot on a wedding day. This allows me to photograph a complete portfolio with multiple styles to choose form. Any one that has been married will tell you that your wedding day will be a blur. The great thing about bridals, even if you don’t plan to have a portrait on display the day of your wedding, is that we know going into your wedding that we have you and your dress covered when things get behind schedule on your wedding day.

I do not have to be your wedding photographer to be your
bridal portrait photographer. I think every bride should have a bridal portrait session. I explain in more detail on my wedding website where you should go and check out some awesome bridal and wedding photography.

North Carolina Bridal Photographers - Bridal Portraits
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Wedding Photography

Stacks Image 8495

Looking for the best wedding photographers in Wilmington NC?

Are you looking for wedding photographers near me for your wedding photography? We love weddings and have our own signature style of wedding photography that we think is special in the way we tell your story. Chris coins his style as Lifestyle Wedding Photography. Lifestyle Wedding Photography is you, your style and personality throughout the wedding process.

This includes both the
engagement photography and bridal photography process. Chris does not shoot just one style, but a blend of style that is free to create with the personalities of the couples he works with.

One thing Chris has learned that no two brides are alike and no two brides see a picture the same way. We through out the cookie cutter and handcraft every wedding style to the personality of the bride & groom.

North Carolina Wedding Photographers

On the Chris Lang Photography website you can see a snap shot of our wedding work. Everything from Beach Weddings to Downtown Weddings to Country Club Weddings. We think that there is so much detail and information to share about weddings that Chris has a dedicated website just for the art of wedding photography. Be sure to check out the wedding pictures on this website but you certainly do not want to miss seeing some amazing wedding photography (if we may say so) over at Chris Lang Weddings.

Wedding Photographers in WIlmington North Carolina
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Wilmington-NC-- maternity -Photography - bridal portrait photographers - bride- wedding drerss -bridal ideas - Chris Lang Photography

Maternity Photo Sessions

wilmingotn nc maternoty photographers - maternity photography - imagem of pregnant woman with her husmand in downtown wilmington - chris lang photography

Looking for the right Maternity Photographers in Wilmington NC?

maternoty photo of couple on the beach at sunset.  ft fisher - maternity photo - chris lang photography

Are you looking for the best maternity photographers in the Wilmington area to capture you and your little one during this special time?

Wilmington NC Maternity Photography - maternity photographer - Chris Lang Photography - Maternity session on the beach
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Wilmington NC wedding photographer - wedding photo - bride  - groom - wedding dress - wedding photography - wedding ideas - sunset wedding image - figure eight island weddings - intercoastal waterway

visit our other wedding website dedicated to the art of weddings

You can see some of my wedding photography on this website, however, this is only a snapshot of what I do. There is a entire website dedicated just for weddings. If you are looking for Bridal Portraits , Engagement Sessions, or Wedding Photography, be sure to visit Chris Lang Weddings for in-depth portfolio and wedding resources.

For Everything “Weddings” Click Below

Wilmington NC Photographer - Sports Photography - Golf Photograpghy - Photo of Sergio Garcia
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Commercial Photography

north carolina commercial photography - commercial photographers - product picture - chris lang photography

North Carolina Commercial Photographers | Photography

Commercial photography is anything that has the ability to sell something or enhance a brand. It varies from brand to brand and client to client.  Chris Lang Photography provides commercial photography services nationwide and had worked  with several organizations creating brands and also creating image to grow brands.

Chris brings a wealth of experience and creativity to help create new brands from both design and image.  So if you are looking for
North Carolina commercial photographers, drop us a line and let's talk some ideas.

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Event Photography

Stacks Image 8424

Professional Event Photographer

Do you have a professional event that needs to be covered with world class image? Chris is a North Carolina Professional Event Photographer offering event photography service both nationally and certain locations worldwide. From sporting events, concerts, charity events, or festivals, Chris has the experience, creativity, and logistical know how to deliver world class image in a streamlined no hassle process.

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Sports Photography

Professional-Event-Photogrpaher-Chris Lang Photography

Photographers -Wilmington NC

Finding the right photographer to meet your needs should not be a daunting task. While there is not a standard in the artistic field of photography it is important to be drawn to the style or styles of your photographer.

Welcome to Chris Lang Photography, A Wilmington North Carolina based professional photographer. Chris is a creative professional who works in several different creative disciplines and offers creative photography services in but not limited to:

*Headshot Photography
*Wedding Photography
*Bridal Photography
*Engagement Photography
*Family Photography
*Sports Photography
*Lifestyle Photography
*Commercial Photography
*Tactical Photography

Chris does not photograph in any one style of photography but more in a creative blend of photography styles. Being a creative photographer, Chris is often asked to create and enforce strong brands. This includes working with creative professionals to bring an image conception to life.

Looking for the best photographers in Wilmington NC?

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Tactical Photography

Military - Law Enforcement - Tactical - Photographers - Chris Lang Photography

Tactical - Law Enforcement - Military Photographer

Pictures are our eyes into history, the story, and the life of those who serve. I believe pictures are one of the most powerful mediums to preserve, document, and to pass along the professional and personal legacies to the next generation. Whether it be a traditional, documentary, or creative pictures, I create images and film for those who serve.
I respect and honor those who have the courage to serve, sacrifice, and who have the grit to run in when everyone else is running out. I make pictures and multi media that illustrate the personality, circumstances, strength of those who in everyday life serve, protect and defend, and to share with those who benefit from their courage. If you are looking for photography for Military, Law Enforcement and First Responders, we can create image that will proudly represent your profession.

Chris Lang - image maker

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Professional & Corporate Events

WIlmington NC Corporate Event Photography -  Event photographer - Chris Lang Photography

Corporate & Special Event Photographer

We know that your professional and corporate event is important. Chris brings over a decade of experience photographing professional events. He has built a trusted reputation among both large and small corporate clients worldwide. Whether documenting the pre-show set up or a live event, Chris has the experience to get it all covered

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Editorial Photography

Editorial and marketing photography -

Editorial Photographer

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Featured Slide Show


While video is all the rage, the classic photo slide show is an amazing and powerful way to tell your story. A Bald Head Island Wedding

Featured Video


Check out a fusion video of a Bride & Groom session. A blend of stills and motion.

Featured Fusion | Video & Stills


Our Fusion, AKA iN MOTION, is a mix of video & stills. We take the stills and bring some video to add a different dimension to story telling and memories.

Inquire | Contact

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Photographers in Wilmington NC - Photography Services
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