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Great coverage. I worked as an ad agency art director in NYC for 25 years and looked at 100's of commercial pro photographer's portfolios....big name photographers. Your wedding pix stand out in comparison.”
Jim Burton
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Image of Bride in Airlie Gardens Wilmington NC- Wedding Dress - Bridal Ideas - Bridal Portrait-Photography

Wilmington NC Bridal Photography

Bridal Photography Sessions are one of my favorite photography sessions. A bride in her wedding dress with out a wedding day schedule attached equals a great time to creatively use light and photograph you in your dress in more creative ways than we can normally shoot on a wedding day. This allows me to photograph a complete portfolio with multiple styles to choose form. Any one that has been married will tell you that your wedding day will be a blur. The great thing about bridals, even if you don’t plan to have a portrait on display the day of your wedding, is that we know going into your wedding that we have you and your dress covered when things get behind schedule on your wedding day.

I do not have to be your wedding photographer to be your bridal portrait photographer. I think every bride should have a bridal portrait session. I explain in more detail on my wedding website where you should go and check out some awesome bridal and wedding photography.

Wilmington NC Bridal Photography by Chris Lang Photography
North Carolina Bridal Photographers - Bridal Portraits
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image of bride and groom holding hands - Brooklyn Arts Center - Wilmington NC - Wedding Photography - Wedding Photography Ideas

Wilmington NC Wedding Photographers

I love wedding photography and have my own signature style of wedding photography. I coin my style as Lifestyle Wedding Photography. Lifestyle Wedding Photography is you, your style and personality throughout the wedding process. This includes both the engagement photography and bridal photography process. I do not photograph just one style, but a blend of styles that are free to create with the personalities of the couples I work with. One thing I have learned is that no two brides are alike and no two brides see a picture the same way. I threw out the cookie cutter and handcraft every wedding picture myself.

North Carolina Wedding Photographers
Wilmingotn NC Wedding Photographers

On this website you can see a snap shot of our wedding work. We think that there is so much detail and information to share about weddings that Chris has a dedicated website just for the art of wedding photography. Be sure to check out the wedding pictures on this website but you certainly do not want to miss seeing some amazing wedding photography (if we may say so) over at Chris Lang Weddings.

Wedding Photographers in WIlmington North Carolina
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Engagement-Photographer-Wilmington-NC-Picture of engaged couple

Wilmington NC Engagement Photographer

That special time between “Yes” & “I do.” If you are looking for a fun and creative approach to capture your engagement photography check out my portfolio and see how I bring my signature style to engagement pictures.

Wilmimgtom NC Engagement Photographer - Specializing in Engagement photogohraphy
Engagement photographers in Wilmington North Carolina
North-Carolina-Engagement Photographers

If you are looking for a unique and individual style, Chris is a North Carolina Engagement Photographer who brings a fun and relaxed approach to making engagement pictures.

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Lifestyle - Wedding - Photrography

Lifestyle wedding photography may be a bit difficult to define as there is not an industry definition. In fact, I do not know of anyone that refers to a wedding photography style to as “Lifestyle Wedding Photography” by itself. I do, and here’s why. I am a multiple-style photographer. I do not tend to stay in one style or the other but rather photograph several different styles at the same time. For me, lifestyle wedding photography is an attitude, a flexibility, a way to create individual styles that reflect the personalities of my clients. Therefore, it is fluid, free flowing and not bound by any “one” look. That’s why you will see a blend of styles on my website. It is about me creating with your style or “lifestyle,”not just shooting mine. There is a lot that goes into style. Take a little time to read about styles and how I see them.

This is a snapshot of what we do. We have a whole website dedicated just for wedding photography. If you are looking for bridals photography, engagement photography or wedding photography, be sure to check out lifestyle wedding photography by Chris Lang at Wilmington NC Wedding Photographers Wedding Photographers website for a in-depth portfolio and wedding resources.

Image of bride with a horse and a red Ford Thunderbird convertable - wedding dress - Wilmington-NC-Wedding-Photographers-Videographers - Lifestyle Wedding Photography

Light Changes…


Wedding Picture of s bride looking incredible in her weding dress. WIlmingtn NC wedding Photographer
Wedding picture of a couple under a pier at Wrightsville Beach looking out to the Atlantic Ocean. Beach wedding photography

By Day...

A wedding picture of a couple kissing in front if a majestic sunset with orange and red skies.  Wilmington NC Wedding Photography
A wedding image of a bride and groom on the beach at Shell Island Resort enjoying the beach during sunset. Wilmingotn Wedding Photographer

By Twilight…

A romantic wedding picture of newlyweds on a counch outside at night lit by a chandelier hanging from a tree.  Wedding ideas.
Nght time wedidng picture of newlyweds kissing under the moonlight.  Nighttime wedding photograpy. Wedding picture ideas.  Wilmington NC Wedding Photographer

By Night…

Let there be light… How daylight, sunset, and night change the look and style of your wedding pictures

As light changes throughout the day, so will the color, style and emotion of your pictures. Check out my gallery pages where I share in a simple non-technical way about 3 distinct types of lighting conditions and show how it changes the style of your wedding pictures.

Bride & Groom walking under the Airlie Oak - Airlie Gardens - WIlmington NC Wedding Photographers - Lifestyle Wedding Photography

Handcrafted Images - Signature Style

Image of Bride& Groom in convertable  siting in the back seat hugging eachother - Lifestyle Wedding Photography - Wilmington NC Wedding Photographers
When it comes down to choosing your wedding photographer, there are a lot of things to take into consideration. Imperative things to ponder would be the style, professional experience, professionalism, and reputation of the wedding photographer. There are many different styles of wedding photography. Most important, however, is the artistry of your photographer. When it come to your wedding, you should rather think that hiring a wedding photographer is the same a commissioning an artist to make your pictures. It is important to consider that the Wedding Photography Style, “A Photographers Style,” and the :Pictures Style: will shape how your pictures are made.

This is the most important non-repeatable event in most everyone’s life. Your choice of a Wilmington NC Photographer should be the top priority in hiring your wedding vendors. So in your in search of a Wilmington NC Wedding Photographers , I would love it if you took a little time to look through my work and see how he might be a great fit to make your wedding pictures. You only get one chance to get your wedding pictures right so take a little time and find a connection with photography that connects with you.
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There are no cookie cutters in our work flow. All images are creatively captured in camera and then handcrafted by Signature photographer Chris Lang. Chris goes into depth and and detail about wedding photography styles over at his wedding website. Here sure to take a look over there and see so much more about wedding photography.

Wedding photographers in Wilmington NC
Birde & Groom wedding picture - Wilmington NC Wedding Photographers - Lifestyle Wedding Photography

If you are looking for a great place to get married, the coast of North Carolina is just awesome. We are a top destination wedding location in North Carolina. From our rustic Downtown to the incredible beaches and inter coastal waterways, Wilmington is a very diverse set of locations for any discerning bride. From the elegant wedding venues to the casualness of beach weddings, Wilmington, NC is a special place for weddings and events. From a photographers perspective, the Cape Fear Region offers an amazing backdrop for any style of wedding. If you are looking for a Wilmington NC Wedding Photographer with a signature style, Chris Lang Photography offers impeccable service and world class image.
Chris often gets asked about wedding venues and places to get married. There are so many amazing wedding venues in this region that we have started putting together places we think make perfect wedding backdrops, in terms of wedding pictures. We call it picture perfect wedding and event venues. If you are still looking at or for places to get married in the Wilmington NC area, We have put a few locations together with some pictures as this has become quite useful for Brides planning a destination wedding or from afar. Just to name a few... Airlie Gardens Weddings. This is my favorite place if you are looking for garden weddings. Another great place is River Landing in Wallace, NC. If you think a Country Club setting is your place then check out some River Landing Wedding Photography at our River Landing Photographers review.

If the beach is your thing, or even a beach club, then look no farther than Bald Head Island, NC. Bald Head Island is a special place that will for sure become a place where you will always want to return. You can get more Bald Head Photography Looks at our Bald Head Island Wedding Photographers review. These are just a few places we have included. So, if you are looking for the perfect wedding photographer, come on by our photography studio and you can see some amazing wedding photography in person. Also, be sure to see Chris Lang Weddings for a more complete and robust portfolio of Wedding, Engagement & Bridal Photography as this site is dedicated just to the Art of Wedding Photography.

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For Everything “Weddings” we have another website dedicated to the Art Of Wedding Photography

Be sure to check out Chris Lang Weddings for everything wedding.
This is a quick snap shot of our wedding gallery. If you are looking for wedding photographers head on over to our “Lifestyle Wedding Photography” website that is dedicated to the art of Wedding & Engagement Photography.

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    Bridal Session with Christina | River Landing Wallace NC | Wedding Photography

    Bridal Session with Christina at River Landing Country Club | Wallace NC | River Landing Wedding Photographers

    River Landing is not only a beautiful wedding venue but also makes for the perfect location and backdrop for bridal photography.   Christina was having her wedding on the River Landing Veranda and wanted to have her bridal portrait made in some of the popular River Landing photography locations.  

    Bridal Session at River Landing Country Club - Wallace NC - Chris Lang Photography

    The above pictures were made on the deck overlooking the pond by the River Landing covered bridge.  

    Bridal session at River Landing Wallace NC - Wedding Dress - Bridal Photos - Wedding Ideas

    River Landing Covered Bridge

    The above series of pictures were made at the River Landing Covered Bridge .  One of my favorite places for sure on a wedding day.  Such a classic presentation and backdrop for any wedding. 

    Image of bride on the covered bridge at River Landing | Wallace NC | River Landing Wedding Photography

    River Landing Wedding Photos - Chris Lang Photography - River Landing Wedding Photography

    The day we photographed Christina's bridal session it was raining so for more than half the time were were photographing inside the River Landing club house or under cover areas.  The above photos were made in the front of the clubhouse under the front door awning.   To create the impression  of a bright beautiful day I used a canon 200 f2 telephoto lens to blow out the background and used a small bush behind Christina to create a natural garden style feel and look.  Using this lens allows me to do things that most other lenses cannot as you can seen in the pictures above.  One would not think that there was a parking lot behind her.   Due to weather at this point in the session, we did not know if we were going to have a chance to make it outside to the River Landing brick bridge or the waterfall on 18.  One of the 3 above bridal pictures was Christina's selection for the bridal portrait.  

    Wedding pictures at the Vineyards in River Landing Wallace NC - Wedding Photography Ideas

    Wedding pictures at the brick bridge in River Landing - Wedding Photography Ideas

    When we got our first break from the rain we scampered outside the took a few shots at the River Landing Waterfall  and the River Landing covered bridge and had just a few minutes at the vineyards.

    There is always opportunity to create and when photographing outside.  When the outside is your studio for the day you get what you get and create with the light you have to make great pictures.   There is alway opportunity to create.  It is a mindset to seek opportunity in any conditions rather than let the conditions impact creativity.  If you are looking for River landing wedding photographers be sure to find someone who can be creative in any condition and variations of light.

    If you are looking for a amazing wedding venue   check out some of my River Landing weddings portfolio to see all the River Landing wedding venues and popular River Landing photography spots.




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