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Bridal Photography - Wilmington NC

Bridal Portraits | Bridal Portrait Photographers | Wilmington NC

Bridal Portrait Photography is one of my favorite photography sessions. Bridal Portrait Sessions allow me to be creative and incorporate different locations for different looks. Bridal sessional allow me the time time to use multiple photography techniques without a wedding day schedule being attached to photographing a bride in her dress. With bridal portrait sessions, I am not shooting for just one picture, I am creating a complete portfolio with different styles so brides will have a keepsake of them looking their best in the most memorable dress they will ever wear.

Every bride can expect a amazing bridal portfolio with a varied of looks and styles. From the smallest of details, to a panoramic bridal picture, I shoot lots of perspectives to make every bride smile at her pictures.
Bridal Portraits are not just for the single portrait any more.
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Bridal Photographers in Wilmington NC - Bridal Portraits

Bridal Portraits

One of the great advantages of a Bridal Sessions is that a brides can see their self before the big walk down the isle and test run her hair and make-up. It also allows me to get feedback before the wedding on the photography styles and composition of the bridal portrait that my clients gravitate towards. Every bride is different and when shooting lifestyle bridals, the lighting and locations are never exactly the same. This is what makes it creatively fun for me as an artist. Unlike the studio setting, there is always a set of uncontrollable circumstances such as wind or lighting variables. This is where I get to really create and problem solve by using the variables and elements to my creative advantage. There is always a opportunity to create great image as long as you are looking and creating in your mind with what you have. Most of Bridal Sessions I make up as I go so there is not any expectation on you other than looking great in your wedding dress. The rest is up to me. You cab also see more Bridal Photography at my Lifestyle Weddings website.

Bridal Photgraphy

Probably the hardest part of my bridal sessions is narrowing down the portfolio to a few selects that will be used for printing. Not a bad problem to have unless we are on a time crunch. I like so many different looks and styles that it is often hard for me to find my favorite images from the session. Every bridal picture has is own look and emotion attached to it. From my Black & White Bridal Photography to Fine Art Bridal Photography, I give brides a robust gallery with multiple wedding photography styles. What helps in creating a natural and free flowing bridal shoot is not putting a time frame on the bridal session. First, I shoot for portfolios and keep going until I get what I need to get. Second, time puts people under stress and not concentrating on having fun. Nobody wants to feel like the parking meter is running out of time and your bridal session should be the same way. Like I said, these are my favorite sessions. It is all about the Bride and her dress. It is about capturing the beauty of both bride & dress and creating an image that makes people look twice. For more info on Wilmington NC Bridal Photographers you can see more incredible images in the Bridal Gallery

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